Online Quiz

This page is for online responses for outputs 3, 4, 5, 6

Click this keyword:   Output


Stylistic Writing Online Quiz

General Instructions:

To start taking the test, Click your name. Enter the Password.

Do this online quiz before the Mid Term Examination.

Be sure to answer all test items. Grades will be sent to your email address.

Good luck

Double Click the keyword below to begin testing:

Test I


5 Responses to Online Quiz

  1. cydreck says:

    kulba2x man n woi

  2. hela says:

    Good morning sir…unsa ni man?asa ang “click ur name” dri sir?:-(

  3. jeff says:

    sir dili man ko maka take ug online di ma-open….jujuju

  4. jeff says:

    sir i’m sorry i can’t take the online quiz due to some I THInk connection error..something like that,.hope you will understand,,..ive been waisting 2 hours in the morning and another time this evening but well unfortunately the same thing happen i cannot connect,so i cant take it anymore.

  5. jeff says:

    ….jejeje makalagot gani naa pa raba Q micro-teaching ugma sa padidu…lets talk about it tomorrow eve nalang…

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